Inspiration for The Hard Bargain and Selecting a Writer

I have been told many times that I am an excellent raconteur , and thus, always attracted great interest and enthusiasm when people have inquired about my life experiences with my iconic father. This memoir is a testament to the extraordinary life that my dad lived and the awesome career he helped me to pursue. My story illuminates the world of opera, the long path to become a physician, the importance of hard work and the lucky break, and the Jewish American saga.

However, this riveting story needed a special writer to capture my voice and reveal the clash of wills between a famous father and his hard-driving middle son. After trying a few writers, I finally found Burton Spivak who was that gifted person. Serendipitously, I connected with Burton on the golf course at my club in Connecticut. He captured the narrative in vivid detail and elegant prose with a compassionate and honest guide to both young and older men and women about the turmoil and love in relationships between parents and children. 

Although the libretto was mine , Burton was my Puccini in its expression.

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